John Bean Trailer-Mounted Sewer Jetters

Our SewerJets are designed to be simple to operate. They require only one operator and tow easily and safely behind most trucks. They feature electric brakes, your choice of a 350- or 700-gallon, corrosion-resistant black polyethylene tank(s), as well as a curb-side fill-up with a standard 2.5 inch fire hydrant fitting.

One operator can guide the hose, control the reel, operate the engine and observe work and progress – all from his or her workstation located at the rear of the unit. At the end of the workday, John Bean SewerJets keep on working. They are a safe, simple and environmentally friendly way to keep all your power equipment including dozers, graders, mowers and trucks clean.

Using the standard hose wash-down outlet, you can effectively remove mud, grass and dirt, which extends the life of your machinery, as well as your budget. You can also use the John Bean SewerJets to clean and prepare surfaces for painting, industrial cleaning and general plant maintenance, as well as for construction end-uses. No matter how tough the job, you can depend on John Bean SewerJets to get it done.